As many of you know, we have been waiting for the 2010 election campaigns to conclude with the rise and/or defeat of whoever ends up in office (and does it really matter anyway?), to launch several Uncle America projects.  All month we have been going over contracts from several radio stations around the country trying to decide where the best home would be for the UNCLE AMERICA TALK SHOW to continue and expand from.  The flag campaign is just about to get under way with mini tour jaunts out amongst the citizenry and best of all the UNCLE AMERICA 911 COMMISSION INQUISITION is all but finished with rehearsals and rewrites and an announcement on that will be forthcoming on November 11, 2010.

Much to everyone’s dismay, on November 1, we had to notify our board, shareholders, members, sponsors, subscribers, contractors and lawyers, that someone is trying to hijack the Uncle America® name for their own dastardly means and purposes.  Mainly trying to convince hard-working Americans to send their money to them in order that they will be able to produce a documentary called …. of all things…. UNCLE AMERICA – A Documentary.  But it’s not about ME!!!!  How can that be?

Obviously these people are not from Hollywood.  They are not film makers.  They have no idea how to do research for names to be used in a movie, let alone titles, and they have absolutely no idea how to go about their due diligence when putting out a project, like whatever it is that they are doing, which now gives these TRADEMARK INFRINGEMENT thieves the opportunity of being included in the upcoming book titled, SCOUNDRELS IN THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY.  Will it surprise anyone that they are also claiming to be Christians?  Shall we throw them to the lions or let them have a little more rope.  Won’t all their religious friends (especially in India) be dismayed to know that they are breaking the law to get their movie made.

They have several other options to consider, i.e. Mr. America, oops, that might not work… but I’m guessing it wouldn’t stop them,  Senior America, Cousin America, Brother America, Grandpa America, Esse America, Amigo America, Nephew America, Neighbor America and probably several others that I’m sure some of you could come up with.  It’s just that …. the name, words and entity UNCLE AMERICA are not legally available to be used by anybody but me.  I’ll drink to that!!!

Stay tuned for updates on the impending litigation and the eventual downfall of the infringing project as well as the discontinuance of any imposters trying to call themselves aka Uncle America.



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