Uncle America’s 4th of July State Of The Union Address

Happy Fourth of July everyone. I wish all of you a joyous celebration of our country’s 236th birthday.

Greetings to my fellow Americans, and to everyone else who has tuned in from around the world. Once again I offer my Fourth of July, State of the Union, so that people who are interested in what is going on in America will know the truth. I’d like to start out by reminding you that as Uncle America, I am not a member of any party, republican, democrat or otherwise. I am a constitutional moderate. I stand for and by the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights and I’m speaking, not for the government, but, to the people of the United States of America and the world.


At the foundation of our Union is our citizens, our health and well being and our economy. The economy touches everything and everyone in our society. It affects jobs, housing, food, transportation, healthcare, education, entertainment and everything else tied to all those things which are all affected by the value of the U.S. dollar, as well as the decisions that are being made by our “so called” representatives in Washington D.C. At the moment American citizens are not very happy with those representatives in Washington D.C. as their approval rating this year hit an all time low of 13%. It appears that the representives are not complying to the wishes of the people who supposedly voted them into office, but they are instead easily bending to the will of Wall Street bankers and corporate lobbyists who influence just about every facet of our government infrastructure.

When George W. Bush stood before the American public in January of 2008 and told us the country’s economy was strong, the public sector economists had on the other hand previously announced and proven that the economy was already in a recession and had been declining since the middle of 2007. George just kept saying, “We’ll have to wait for the numbers to come in.” Then by the time the government numbers did come in, proving the economists right and that we had been in a recession, the country was already spiraling into depression numbers. Something neither George nor Barry have ever been allowed to admit to the public.

In 2009 as our current president took office there were around 40 million Americans on government assistance, now, three years later, it’s over 50 million. That’s up 25% and if it weren’t for food stamps and welfare debit cards being used by all those people, they would instead be standing in bread lines and soup lines… making it obvious to everyone that the tent cities going up around the country and the empty food shelves at the inner city Missions are not a sign of things getting better in America. 50 million. Can you imagine a million people in every state standing in line three times a day for food? Sounds like a depression to me.

When the President says we are in a fragile recovery, he really should be saying, “A recovery from the depression back into the recession.” Because, even though the government can create a headline about some company hiring new workers or push the numbers to make it look like progress in some sector is picking up, and on occasion it very well may be, as a whole, things are not getting better around the country and the economy has not yet even begun to stabilize…. and instead many sectors of our economy are still in decline.

The stalled economy is affecting the cost of food, gas, clothes, healthcare, education and let’s not forget entertainment. And that’s called inflation. The cost of living is not going down. Everything and I mean everything is getting more expensive and that’s not going to change anytime soon. It’s going to get worse. In fact, if this administration can’t get a handle on the Iran versus Israel situation, experts are saying that a war with Iran could spark a global economic recession which means that things will get extremely worse than they have been for the past few years. Something that enemies of America both foreign and domestic would like to see happen.

So when President Obama said the economy is getting better and anyone who says differently, “Doesn’t know what they’re talking about,” it was just a feeble attempt at intimidation of anyone who might take a different point of view than that of the president or the government. But I’m not buying it… and neither is anyone who can count their money at the end of the month and see that inflation has not leveled out, and that it just continues to get worse

Ben Bernanke, head of the Federal Reserve says he’s not worried about inflation. And I believe him, because he doesn’t have anything to worry about. He recently said he’s leaving interest rates down for the next three years. To bad he couldn’t have done that when he first took the job back in 2006…. Greenspan had been keeping the interest rates down for years but when Ben took over he immediately started raising interest rates, then all the payments on all those adjustable rate mortgage loans went up… and that stretched everybody’s limits and made the housing bubble go pop! All done by design and planned far in advance by the enemies of our American Republic. So Ben is leaving interest rates down for the next three years? That’s not a sign that things are getting better. And just because he says he’s not worried about inflation doesn’t mean it’s not happening. But on the other hand, just because there is inflation doesn’t mean we’re going back into a depression. Except treasury secretary Tim Geithner, said another crash is definately going to happen, he doesn’t know when, but he says it “has to happen.”  I believe him and so do a lot of economists and other intelligent people around the country.

I understand there are people who do well during a depression. A lot of Americans haven’t been affected or hurt at all by the recession-depression-recession and the president can point at them all day long and say, “See, things are getting better. People are doing fine.” But even from the top, where the depression is ignored, it trickles down and lands on the people at the bottom. And those are the people who need the jobs. Those are the people he will not convince with his fancy doubletalk, intimidating word psychology, charts, numbers and polls, that things are getting better. And he hasn’t convinced me either. You know what they say, “Action talks and bull pucky walks.” Well so far, there hasn’t been a lot of action leaning towards things getting better. Because as far as having a plan to fix the economy and create millions of jobs….. there is none! Obama doesn’t have a plan… he never did. Because they haven’t given him one. And everything he tries to get by Congress gets rejected.

The Social Security fund has fallen into a permanent deficit. There is now more money going out each month than is being brought in creating a net shortfall which is expected to deplete the surplus by 2037. Or maybe even “sooner than expected.”

Medicare is also on a dead end road to running out of money “sooner than expected.” We all know it’s going to run out but who in the government couldn’t figure that one out to the point that they had to admit that it was going to run out, “sooner than expected!” Who’s doing those numbers anyway?

Our trade gap with China this year, widened to record levels!… And it just continues to widen. It’s not getting better. That affects our economy in a major way. Especially jobs. Not to mention what China is quietly doing in the financial markets. It’s not helping America. It’s designed to collapse our financial infrastructure. And our leaders and representatives are doing nothing to fend off the Chinese advances. There’s nothing they can do except allow Ben to print more bogus Federal Reserve Notes making all the others in circulation worth even less with every one he prints. This does not help make things better but just delays the inevitable.


Jobs are the number one worry for a lot of Americans. Some Americans still have their jobs but they’ve lost their homes because Bernanke raised the interest rates on their adjustable loans higher than anyone ever expected they would go. Some folks still have their homes, for now, but have lost their jobs and are relying on help from the government or the banks just to keep their homes, if they can… but too many can’t because the banks are not “for the people” and that’s not going to change any time soon. A lot of folks with jobs aren’t sure just how long they’re going to have them… the facts are… if the country is not on the road to creating as many jobs as it has lost or at even half the rate that we lost them, things are not getting better.

The largest group of students ever, one third of all college graduates, are having to settle for a job that doesn’t require a college degree. Another record… for the worse.  And…..

For the first time in our country’s history our youth are leaving the country in search of not only better paying jobs, but just to find a job. They’re going to Brazil, France, England, Australia, Latin America…. and even Russia and China. And that’s nuts! And the President says things are getting better. Some things might be artificially looking better, and he can point at them right now… but the numbers fluctuate every month so in another three to six months…. we’ll see if a lot of sectors in our economy have leveled out, but as of right now, this month, I haven’t seen any numbers that show me that anything has solidly leveled out… The State Department estimates that 6.3 million Americans are working or studying overseas, which is the highest number on record. A lot of teachers are having to leave the country looking for work since over 100,000 local school teachers have lost their jobs in the past year alone.  That’s a record.  Lately everything is a record. And the majority of the records being broken are not for the better, but for the worse that has ever happened.

The current administration can claim that they have stopped the massive monthly job losses that were attributed to the Bush/Cheney fiasco and I agree. They’ve even made up charts that show 24 months of straight job growth. But the number and quality of jobs is questionable at best. And besides, anybody can draw charts and post them on the internet trying to convince people that it’s the truth.

And the bookkeepers in Washington D.C. know exactly how to manipulate the facts any way they’re told so the numbers come out looking like things just aren’t as bad as they really are. That’s their job. Especially if they work for the Pentagon or the General Services Administration.  We’ve known that for a long time….

Just about the time Obama started campaigning for re-election, the unemployment figures amazingly dropped below 9%. That’s the government’s favorite con that they use to try and convince the public things aren’t as bad as they really are. It’s also something everyone really wants and needs to hear. We really want to hear that…. We want so badly to hear that jobs are being created and things are getting better. But the facts just aren’t there to support the figures that the government is coming up with. As Ronald Reagan once said, “Facts are stubborn things.”

And when they talk about the unemployment numbers getting better… and then highlight a company that has been hiring the past few months, it all sounds pretty good and goes over great on the evening news. But by the government numbers alone, unemployment really shows to be anywhere between 11% and 12% when you count the people who have fallen off the unemployment rolls, the people who’ve grown so discouraged they’ve given up even looking for work, or people who’ve settled for part time work that they’re over qualified for….. and that’s not counting the people who are so depressed that they’ve given up looking for work. There’s 88 million people who aren’t even considered when compiling the totals for the unemployed. So the government numbers are flawed before they even start which means they are worthless as far as the truth is concerned.

There are some honest economists in this country who prove with real facts and numbers that the unemployment rate, the real unemployment rate is around 22%. Put that together with the fifty million people on assistance… and that shows the economy is as bad or worse than it was during the great depression of the thirties.

The unemployment rate for young adults, is almost double the overall rate. The Recession had a more severe impact on the earnings of young adults than on those of any other age group. Over the past two years as we climbed back into a recession, a smaller share of the young adult population has been employed than at any time since 1948, the first year these data became available. The only thing the majority have been able to do is live at home with their parents, spend their time on the internet and play video games.

Here’s some headlines for you.

How about just unemployment among all vets is at it’s all time high. And now, unemployment among female veterans is at the highest level ever. Is that because there are more women in the military than ever before? Not necessarily, I think it’s because there are less jobs than ever before.

Well we’ve just seen that happen, but the news isn’t covering the outcome on that headline are they. So what happens? Are things going to get better for those people? I think not! It just means that even more homes will be getting foreclosed on in 2013.

Microchip maker AMD CUTS 10% OF IT’S WORKFORCE …. just before Christmas.      Nice going guys. That’s another thousand people or more who will be going on unemployment and possibly losing their homes.

Although any slowdown in the microchip industry hopefully help puts the spychips one step back in they’re plans… which would be okay with me.

I closed my accounts with B of A and went with smaller banks back in November when we had that “Move Your Money Day.” I really enjoyed doing that. If you missed out on that, it’s never too late to go with a smaller, less corrupt, local bank or credit union.. you know, let’s just stop feeding the sharks.

That’s international news, but still it doesn’t bother me to see a bank taking a hit… no matter where they are. Although, anything overseas ultimately has an affect on America and visa versa.

Well I’d say payback is a bitch… but those are just a lot of the people at the bottom of the totem banking pole who are only making 350K a year. The crime bosses at the top are just trimming the fat and they’ll be handing out more bonuses before you know it. And here you go!


Could that have been the day the Chairman of their midwest division of JP MORGAN CHASE took over as Chief of Staff at the White House? …. maybe not. You do know that for awhile there if you wanted to schedule a meeting with the President, you had to go through a Wall Street banker. But now that banker is running the president’s re-election campaign. I’ll get to more on that later.

BORDERS TO LIQUIDATE REMAINING STORES                                                               But that’s because Amazon with the help of ebooks selling on the internet is putting the book stores out of business. But that’s progress, new technology, innovation, capitalism and competition all working together at the same time. That’s America. And Amazon is creating jobs. For now anyway. I heard recently that they bought the company that made them some warehouse robots to try out. Apparently they work real good and they’ll be replacing workers before you know it. And then, watch out, those robots will be able to go to work in every warehouse not only in America, but in the world.

AMAZON DROPS 10,000 CALIFORNIA PARTNERS                                                         That was because California decided to start making Amazon customers pay sales tax on items purchased in California. Well there went tens of thousands of jobs overnight. Along with all the bookstores. I’m not sure those people who are running California have any idea what they are doing. I think they’re still in a tail spin from the condition the state was in when Schwartzenager finally left with his tail tucked between his legs. It used to be… the way California goes, so goes the country. I hope that’s still not true. If it is, we’re all in big trouble because California is a mess. The private sector economists are saying an economic collapse is going to happen sooner than later. And California is one place I wouldn’t want to be when it does happen.

NEW CLAIMS FOR UNEMPLOYMENT STUCK ABOVE 400 THOUSAND …. A WEEK!!                                                                                                                                           Well that report was from June but that was happening all last year…. So if you do the math, you can see where we have easily lost over 10 million jobs just this past year.

In comparison, 250 thousand new jobs last December didn’t put a dent in the bad situation. We need 125 thousand jobs a month just to keep up with population growth.  Also the president announced that he plans to add two million jobs in 2012. Along with the good news that unemployment claims have dropped to it’s lowest since 2008 to a wonderful round number of 348,000 claims… a week!!! Sounds great right? If you have done the addition on these figures, any 6th grader can calculate that the government’s good news doesn’t even begin to put a dent in the losses that are occuring as I speak and the losses that will continue to haunt the American people throughout the coming year.

U.S DEFENSE CUTS COULD COST 1.5 MILLION JOBS                                                         So that can’t be good. On the other hand, some people think it’s great not putting the money into the military, but actually it’s not going to hurt the military at all, just the private sector. Like at Boeing or Lockheed. But they’ll never cut back on money for their wars. So that’s just more civilians and vets for the unemployment line and more houses going into foreclosure and back to the banks.

More casualties of technology… the email. And the USPS has asked Congress if they can raise the price of a first class stamp to fifty cents. I believe they just raised it to forty five cents. Notice that they don’t raise it by a penny or even three cents anymore, it’s a nickle a bump. Penny’s don’t even matter with the rate of inflation that’s happening. After they hit the fifty cent mark, they will have to start making their raises ten cents at a time to keep up, but they will just keep losing money and firing employees until they go tits up. They plan to lose 18 billion dollars of taxpayer money in the next five years just to stay solvent. But compared to the trillions that the bankers have stolen, and the amount that Congress and the Pentagon deals with on a daily basis, that’s not very much money. But it still doesn’t sound like things are going to get better for the Postal Service… ever.

So all and all, that will just about take care of the 2 million jobs that Obama says he plans to add this year if he can reach that number at all.

John McCain once said, “The jobs aren’t coming back.” I know he when said that he was up in Michigan, talking about Detroit. And Obama disagreed. And now Obama has all the news shows interviewing people at the car companies. Well with all those taxpayer dollars they got, of course they hired people. They restructured. Maybe they wouldn’t have done so well if the disaster wouldn’t have hit Japan last year, but I’d like to think that Americans have finally come to their senses and are deciding to buy American regardless of whether they can save a few hundred dollars buying a foreign car.

It’s also amazing how many American cars China is buying. The problem is, they are all being made in China. That doesn’t help American auto workers at all.

Most of America’s major corporations have recouped 100% of their losses from the recession. Basically corporate America has trimmed the fat and is now a leaner meaner operating machine putting out the same quality and quantity as before the recession but getting by on average with 30% fewer employees. So McCain was right, those jobs are not coming back.

The truth is….. right now, the city of Detroit is teetering on the verge of bankruptcy. Right now, it’s not getting better. Apparently the jobs at the factory have not turned the city of Detroit around yet. Officials there recently announced that due to budget constraints, all police stations will be closed to the public for 16 hours a day. From now on, they’ll only be open to the public from 8 AM to 4 PM. And the banks have started to bulldose homes there as well so…. does that sound like things are getting better? But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

Another city, Stockton, California, just announced bankruptcy.  It’s the largest city so far to do so and only time will tell what’s going to happen in that town and how many more will follow that path.  Will the new high speed rail be stopping there if and when it gets built?

But of course, during the deepest part of the depression, there was some good news!

So is that it? Everything’s great in D.C., the restaurants and bars are busy from lunch through happy hour and everybody has a job so Barry thinks the country is doing just fine?

No further comment on that because in the rest of the country,

And you see, if they push the retirement age back and people apply for Social Security a little later, more of them will die before they are able to take as much out of the system. Just another government money grab at the expense of the American citizens. We should be retiring earlier not later… so that’s not getting better.

Estimates are the U.S. trade deficit with China cost America 2.8 million jobs between 2001 and 2010 alone. Thanks George.

Please support your fellow countrymen. Buy American and support the red, white and blue. Attend craft fairs… those products are all American made. Also farmer’s markets are a great place to shop. Anytime you can buy something made in America and pay for it in cash, silver or gold, you’re doing yourself, your fellow Americans and your country a great service.

Recently, Utah was the first state so far to legalize the use of gold and silver for currency in regular transactions. An unprecidented move that tells me that the legislators in Utah know something the rest of the country doesn’t. But realistically, right now the government is building the largest intelligence gathering facility in the world in Utah and when the financial collapse happens, those government workers will need to be able to function as well as survive… and they will be able to continue without hardship when they are paid in government silver and gold.

The President has tried to convince all of us that we are in a “jobless recovery.” That’s an oximoron. There is no such thing… and a jobless recovery is just not feasibly possible… infact it’s quite impossible. And for every story Obama can tell you to try and convince you things are getting better, there are ten real situations that will prove that it’s not getting better. 250 thousand jobs in one month aren’t even a drop in the bucket. We need millions. And we need them now. No jobs…. No recovery… period.


As far as the infrastructure goes, the American Society of Civil Engineers issued an infrastructure report card for the country and they gave it an all around grade of D. For devastating.
That grade is the same as as it was the last time a report was issued in 2005. So nothing has changed in like six years. In 2001, the grade was D+, so it’s actually gotten worse…. not better. It’s horrible. So basically it was horrible after the Daddy Bush and Clinton administrations ran the country into the ground. Then it got worse during Junior Bush’s administration….. and it’s still horrible after three years of Obama with everyone out of work and nobody getting jobs to go to work and fix these things.


Airports, dams, hazardous waste facilities and transit all received a D, and over 100 major dams are in need of immediate attention…. not next year…. but right now.

Roads got a D-, with Americans spending more than $4.2 billion a year on wasted gas being stuck in traffic. “Poor road conditions cost motorists $67 billion a year in repairs and operating costs. One-third of America’s major roads are in poor condition and 45 percent of major urban highways are in need of repair right now.

Bridges got a C. One in four of the country’s bridges “are either structurally deficient or functionally obsolete.” Interesting how they worded that huh? The report cites progress on structures in rural areas but the problem is getting worse in urban areas.

Railroads got a C-minus, noting that a “freight train is three times more fuel efficient than a truck, and traveling by passenger rail uses 20 percent less energy per mile than traveling by car.” Europe and China are way ahead of us in train technology. America’s dream is China’s reality when it comes to high speed railroads

Inland waterways got a D-minus. “The average age of all federally owned or operated locks is nearly 60 years, well past their planned design life of 50 years. The cost to replace the present system of locks is estimated at more than $125 billion.” It’s been said that you could shake that much loose change out of the pockets of the generals at the Pentagon on any given afternoon.

Levees got a D-minus. Many levees are locally owned and their “reliability” is not known. “With an increase in development behind these levees, the risk to public health and safety from failure has increased.” Not getting fixed, not getting better.

Wastewater systems, D-minus. “Aging systems discharge billions of gallons of untreated wastewater into U.S. surface waters each year.”

Drinking water, D-minus. At a time when water is in jepordy of becoming scarce, “Leaking pipes lose an estimated 7 billion gallons of clean drinking water a day.” After it’s been filtered and cleaned and it’s ready to drink, on it’s way to the taps of America, we lose 7 billion gallons…. every day.

Here’s an update or a correction that says civil engineers agree that waterworks in America get a failing grade.

Cancer causing Hexevalient-C has been found in in the drinking water of all 31 major metropolitan cities that were tested. That’s the stuff that Erin Brockevitch found and was brought to attention in the movie with Julia Roberts. If you didn’t see it… get it and watch it. That stuff causes myriad problems and all kinds of cancer.

Also, way too much of the nation’s drinking water is being tainted with toxic fluoride, made and sent to us from over 700 unregulated factories in China. CHINA!!! I give 68% of the nations drinking water an F… for Fluoride. And now since people are catching on and starting to complain and reject the fluoride, some states are starting to pass laws that force us to have the toxic fluoride poison. This is the same stuff that is the main ingredient in rat poison.
There are also a lot of drugs being recycled back into our urban water supplies but more on that later.

Solid waste got the highest grade at C+ because of success in recycling. “More than a third was recycled or recovered. I’m worried about where it’s getting recycled to.

A C-minus was given to public parks and recreation, with parks, beaches and other facilities generating jobs, income, and cleaner air and water. So apparently that’s a good score for creating jobs…. C-minus.

The national power grid received a D+. “Some progress has been made since 2005 and substantial investment in generation, transmission and distribution is needed over the next two decades.” The national power grid is flimsy at best. The terrorists, both foreign and domestic, know this and they also know that it’s a weak spot in our infrastructure.

The schools and education received a D. They’re a mess. Especially after Bush’s no child left behind fiasco. And I thought Obama was going to fix that, but apparently not. But, he did just recently excuse 10 states from having to continue the debacle… but for the rest of the country it’s just business as usual. Follow the Bush plans. I say, give the people back their money and let the people fix it… and keep government out of education.

The other day I saw a video of Michelle Obama saying the government needs to tap deeper into peoples lives….  I was very sad to hear her say that. I believe the government needs to wiggle it’s way back out of the American people’s lives and gently dismount before retreating to their position in American society deemed proper by the U.S. Constitution.

But before you go Mrs. Obama, see what you can do about putting nurses back in the schools and getting our teachers a raise.

So the estimate is that the government and the private sector need to invest $2.2 trillion dollars over the next five years, roughly three times the size of President Obama’s stimulus package, but only a small portion of the trillions that Bernanke at the Federal Reserve illegally loaned out to his buddies in overseas banks.  Something that I believe is going to come back and bite him in the ass unless he finds a way to run for the hills before it happens.   And we know how all those corrupt bankers are taking care of each other. I’m sure he’ll retire with very healthy benefits for his loyalty to the Wall Street banks. But more on that to come in my State of the Government.

In my 2008 State of the Union address I “politely” suggested telling the banks to take a hike… and giving the 600 billion to the taxpayers for the infrastructure, border protection, education, fire and police departments. In the last four years, none of those sectors has improved, in fact… they’ve all gotten worse and they’re not getting better. I can see now that 600 billion would have only been a drop in the bucket though, especially from the banks point of view when comparing it to how much they’ve stolen.

In many areas of the country, law enforcement resources are being dramatically cut back due to budget problems at the same time that crime is rapidly rising

In Oakland, California eighty officers were layed off and the department issued a list of 40 crimes that they would not be responding to saying you need to make your report online. One of those crimes listed was loud noise complaint. So go ahead and party as loud as you want there in Oakland because when your neighbors call the police, the police won’t be coming to tell you to turn it down.
In Ashtabula County, Ohio, where there is only one sheriff patrolling 725 square miles, he suggested that everyone get a gun and be prepared to protect themselves and their families because who knows how long it will take for the sheriff to get there if at all. When seconds matter, a cop could be hours away.

A sheriff down in Texas has told his citizens that it’s time to arm themselves.  Another sheriff in CA is allowing gun carry permits regardless of state law because as he says, “It’s necessary that people arm themselves for protection.”

Is it any wonder that in 2011 over ten million guns were purchased in the United States? Looks like everybody is getting ready for something. Is it possible that the entire country could implode? I’m sad to say that yes, it’s not only possible, but very likely with the the government coordinating military exercises with local police departments all around the country becoming a common occurance. It’s also in preparation for a blatent contridiction to Constitutional law.  Also police departments are arming themselves with heavy artillery and tanks and performing exercises to prepare for, not only a terrorist attack but, civil unrest and riots in the streets and cities of America.  But there is a reason for this.

The FBI says that there are now 1.4 million heavily armed gang members inside this country. That number has increased by 40 percent since 2009. And that number is not going down. And what ever number the government give us regarding that, you can bet it’s worse than they are letting on. Our gang problem is growing exponentially and no one is doing anything to curtail it. All over the United States, drug dealing and gang activity are on the rise. In some major U.S. cities, the gangs have taken over.

For example, in Camden, New Jersey, there are more than one hundred open-air drug markets run by gangs. The drug trade is one of the city’s few thriving businesses and the drug kickbacks trickling up to the establishment are just too good to do, as Obama would say, “the right thing,” about it. Besides, if the money didn’t work to keep everybody in line, threats and extortion would. If anywhere in America you see gangs openly dealing drugs, then you know, it’s obvious, that corruption is running rampant in the town, city and state judicial offices all the way up to the highest political office.  This very same senario is taking place in cities all across the United States. I’ll get around to more of the bogus war on drugs in my State of the Government address.

In St. Louis they have a different problem. In some areas of the city, roving packs of wild dogs are a serious threat to children who are walking to school. That doesn’t sound like the America I know and love…  or should I say, remember.

In Cleveland, over 50 percent of all children are living in poverty and abandoned houses are everywhere. The city has already demolished about 1,000 homes, and there is a plan to demolish 20,000 more homes this year. That doesn’t sound like it’s getting better in Ohio.

I could go on but I don’t have time to go over all the cities in America where things are not getting better.


So regarding the housing crisis, it’s not over, it’s not getting better and it’s not going away… regardless of the lies that come out of the government or the White House, or what they tell you on the evening news. But let’s take a moment and look back. Something the president keeps saying we shouldn’t do. He says, “We just need to look forward. We don’t want to waste time looking back at the past CRIMES! We just need to look forward with hope and change for a better future.” Well if we don’t look back at our mistakes, and all those crimes, we are destined to have them repeated… exactly the senario the criminal bankers and politicians would like to see take place. Crimes? What crimes? The criminal bankers have ordered the president to convince you that, and I quote, “there probably weren’t any crimes committed.” Are you kidding me? That alone should tell you how either uninformed or how controlled the president has become… or has always been.


More homes are being rented than are owned in over 500 cities in the United States. We are becoming a renters society… with the bankers owning the property. That was the plan all along. And it’s called Agenda 21. But we’re not going there right now.


These are the headlines folks… I’m not making this stuff up.

Because they lied to about what the expectations were and now they must tell the truth. They put out bogus numbers, make people think everything was going great so people would spend more money for the holiday. Then only when they absolutely had to, they came back and said, “oops, we goofed in our third grade addition and subtraction.” Things are really getting worse. And then six weeks later, the President tells us things are getting better again. If they can only look at things month to month, and obviously they’re to inept to project six months ahead, then how can anyone say that things are going to get better when the facts and the best economists in the world are showing and telling us what is obvious to anyone who can count to ten. That the people controlling things can’t postpone the inevitable forever. Someone has to pay the piper. But the longer the bankers can stall, the more money they can steal, making it all worse for everyone else the longer they stall the economic collapse. There has to be a correction. It has to come eventually. And that’s exactly what Tim Geithner, the U.S. Treasurer has said.


The millions of foreclosures coming up this year could have serious impacts on the housing market again… and the economy as a whole. This is going to once again force down the price of real estate in neighborhoods with already foreclosed properties, hurting even more homeowners. On top of that, RealtyTrak estimates that every foreclosed home costs the economy $225,000 in lost mortgage money.

That’s not going to get better this year. Or next year either.

They are getting rid of the inventory in order to keep prices out of reach for the American public as they tighten lending and add fees making it harder to qualify even for homeowners with good credit. It’s called supply and demand and the banks are diminishing the supply to create the demand farther down the road.



HOME FORECLOSURES EXPECTED TO GO UP IN 2012                                                     The rate of homes foreclosed increased in December and the president tells us in January that things are getting better when we already know that there are going to be more foreclosures in 2012 than any of the previous years. That doesn’t sound like things are getting better to me. Sounds like more BS.


January 26th, the day the president gave his state of the union speech and said things are getting better is the same day that the report on new home sales for December was released saying that the numbers were unexpectedly down and that sales had dropped 2.2%. I guess Barry hadn’t gotten the word on that by the time he gave his speech. Or was it that his speech was written in December when they expected things to be getting better and they just didn’t have time to update it. Or possibly he just knows that the sheeple who are in awe of the president think our president wouldn’t lie to us. The numbers must be wrong. And the rest of us who know that he’s misinforming the American public have become accustomed to hearing incorrect retoric coming from our White House squatters.


Homelessness amongst female veterans is a new phenomonen the government is failing to address and the numbers continue to rise.

Only in a depression do we see so many people living in cars and tent cities. It’s called the hidden America. These people should be at the forefront of every news story on tv. People need to know the truth. But I’m ashamed to say that citizens and mayors all over America are turning their backs on the homeless and forcing them out of their tent cities leaving them nowhere to go.

More than 700,000 people are currently homeless in the U.S. and the number grew 20 percent from 2007 to 2010. And we don’t even have the figures for 2011 because the government started hiding the numbers making it harder to find them on the internet and telling reporters not to shine a light on the government’s failure to help America’s most unfortunate citizens.

1.6 million children are going to be homeless at some point during this coming year. That number is up 38% since the beginning of the current depression. And that number is not getting better this year or next. It’s going to get worse.

The Obama administration has set a goal of ending veteran homelessness by 2015. That’s not going to happen. It sounds great when he says that’s what he’s going to do.  But regardless, homelessness among all Military Veterans is still at it’s all time high and not getting any better. And that’s a black mark on every President’s administration since the Viet Nam war. Because the number of veterans who are homeless on any given night, according to estimates from the Veterans Administration is 75,000. And the number of homeless female veterans more than doubled from 2006 to 2010 and is rising even more sharply since the war in Iraq has finally wound down and they will remain at risk of abuse and lack of shelter without better services from the Department of Veterans Affairs. But the VA is a whole other can of worms and I can’t go there right now. I’ll cover them in my State of the Government.

And this coming year those numbers are not going to get better, they are going to get worse.

Oh but look……

MILLION DOLLAR HOME SALES RISE 20%                                                                        The rich are getting richer. I guess Barry’s State of the Union was just directed at the wealthy. Then his entire speech would make sense especially when he says things are getting better.


So the president’s first program, called HOPE, that was suppose to help homeowners in foreclosure, was a dismal failure. When we checked in on it, it had prevented ONE foreclosure! ONE! That’s insane! 300 million dollars given to the banks to help homeowners and only ONE FORECLOSURE PREVENTED!!!!!  It’s a good thing I don’t get emotional about this stuff. Then, Program HAMP Loan Remodification Program looking to help 3 to 4 million, of what they call upside down, homeowners who owe more than their house was worth, was also a dismal failure helping less than 2% of the homeowners who applied, like around only 31 thousand homeowners. Perhaps because the FHA quietly raised it’s fees and tightened it’s loan standards to make sure the taxpayers didn’t get their bailout. You can’t make this stuff up. The rest lost their homes to the banks while the Obamas went on vacation. And HARP again, was supposed to help 4 million people but only ended up servicing around 60 thousand people… only 1.5%. And while the President says he’s trying to get the banks to help out the homeowners, the regulator for the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac banks is either not allowing the banks to make loans to homeowners or making it tougher to get a loan. And the reason for that is… there’s a standoff between the White House and Congress creating a typical government SNAFU. But most of our representatives seem genuinely unconcerned that it’s hurting the American homeowners and are only interested in seeing that the banks make a profit. The same banks that were bailed out with the American taxpayers dollars which the executives used to give themselves bonuses… just before they retired.

But wait, that’s not all….. The Federal Reserve has been paying the banks more interest to leave their money in the Fed than they would make loaning it to homeowners. So in a sense, the government in co-op with the private Federal Reserve is paying banks not to make loans to homeowners, while the President pretends to be the good guy coming up with great plans to save the homeowners, which ultimately fail to meet their unrealistic goals. But they sure sound good when he pitches them to the public. But it doesn’t look like this next round of offers is even going to help 10% of those in need. So what about the other 90% of the homeowners? Are things getting better for them? Let’s look at it from another angle, the President pats himself on the back for offering help to one million while he’s campaigning for re-election, while five to six million more get foreclosed on. Doesn’t sound like that situation is getting better. More like things are getting worse.

According to RealtyTrac, there are “forecasts that 10 million homeowners will be foreclosed on through 2012 as more mortgage holders are unable to refinance their mortgages because of falling home values or they give up at the prospect of holding on to their homes all together.”
With Obama’s new offering, if the banks actually give $20 billion in debt relief as a result of this settlement, that would be sufficient to give $20,000 to 1 million homeowners. So while that’s helpful to some people, it’s just another drop in the bucket.
So Obama’s newest plan may or could (and those are the operative words here) help one million homeowners. Well that’s a lousy 10 percent. And…. to date, every one of the government’s homeowner bailout plans has failed miserably.

I wasn’t against the bailout. But I was for, bailing out the American taxpayers and was against, giving the bail out money to the banks who just rewarded themselves with bonuses for making all that money passing off bad subprime loans. They lied to us. They said they would bail out the banks and the banks in turn would give loans to small businesses and get the economy going again. That didn’t happen, and the people who lied either retired and ran for the hills or are still working in our government and on Wall Street, continuing to cover up and perpetrate the biggest robbery in the history of the world.


Bailed-out banks gave millions in exec bonuses, NY AG report shows

$1.6B Of Bank Bailout Went To Execs

75% Of Latest Bank Of America Bailout Used To Pay Merrill Lynch Bonuses (BAC)

That’s just a small sampling of the egregious crimes that have taken place as the world has stood by and done nothing.  But again, I will cover the banking crimes in my State of the Government address.


There is a food crisis going on all over the world. There is an increased overseas demand for food in China, India, Thailand and Japan just to name a few. Especially Japan because all of their food has been radiated into poisonous garbage. So not only can they not export their food… well at least they’re not supposed to be… but they need more food coming in from other places around the world.

But here in the states, the missions are full of people and out of food. They are screaming for help so America needs to come to the rescue of their fellow Americans because God knows, the government has already fumbled the ball on that one.

Our food supply is affected by the economy, the drought, inflation, that Bernanke isn’t worried about, but food prices just seem to be quietly going up on everything from meat to milk…

The beef and cattle industries have suffered massive losses due to the drought. And rather than let their herds die in the parched pastures, many Texas and Oklahoma ranchers have had their cows slaughtered ahead of schedule to try to save some of their value. As a result, cattle herds have declined by 12% of the states’ total herds.
As beef supplies drop, prices go up. Last year, beef prices jumped 9%. They say they’re expected to climb 5.5% in 2012, but that figure could grow quickly as drought conditions across Texas and Oklahoma are expected to continue. And new figures coming in admit that meat prices could jump as much as 10% or more.. and that’s just because of the drop in supplies not taking into consideration the drop in the value of the dollar. As that continues, prices could get worse…. but I’m not making predictions, just sticking to the facts as they unfold.
Since June 2010, sugar prices have doubled and have not stablized but are continuing to rise.

The need for corn for ethanol requirements in the United States, and farmers decreasing production of crops that are financially unappealing like wheat, has set the stage for soaring food prices.

For example:

30 years ago in 1980 the United States had 88 million acres planted in wheat.

2010 saw a reduction in wheat acreage to around 48 million acres planted in wheat and wheat production down by 25%. Our national wheat stores are down by 10% and now Australia’s floods have shut down key grain ports, and all over the globe there are concerns of tight grain supplies and rising food costs. That’s called inflation Ben!

Barley stores are down by 35% and corn stores are down by 12%.

In order to be included as a Disaster Designation Area a county must have suffered a minimum 30% loss in one crop to be declared a disaster area.

The entire states of Alabama and Arkansas have been declared disaster areas.

58 out of 77 counties in Oklahoma … disaster.

70 of 83 counties in Michigan …. disaster.

151 out of 159 counties in Georgia almost the whole state…. disaster.

63 out of 100 counties in North Carolina …… disaster.

And this is just a small sample of what’s going on throughout the entire country. There are so many disaster zones that the figures are off the charts and it would take too long to recognize all of them.

But one thing is for sure…. we’re all going to recognize the result of all those disaster situations in the coming year. We need to get prepared.

ETHANOL PUMPING UP FOOD PRICES                                       Corn for ethanol has been increasing each year, this past year, more corn was grown and used for ethanol than for feed or food. And this at a time when crops and cattle are dying, the dollar is collapsing and American children are going hungry, we’re taking more of the corn for fuel than we are for food.






Does that sound like things are getting better?

Major grocery store chains only stock three days of food at any given time. And even though there is a well structured chain of distribution in the U.S., the supply could be cut off without warning. Several factors could affect the food supply including war which could affect the price of oil, civil unrest, or a terrorist attack, by terrorists who just walked across our southern border. And as we know, the price of oil is completely controlled and manipulated by the corrupt oil corporations. So we are vulnerable for anything to happen that could make things get worse in a very quick amount of time.

There are seniors in America that have to decide whether to spend their money on food or medicine. In my America. If the corrupt medical industry didn’t have them taking so many damn pills and the billion dollar drug corporations weren’t making drugs so expensive…. well I’ve got a remedy for all that coming up later so again I don’t want to get ahead of myself.


Our proud and great country once lead the world at everything. We’re still leading the world at lots of things, including all cancers, Alzheimer’s, autism, falling fertility rates, and countless other illnesses including diabetes.
More than one third of children and teens in this country are obese or overweight, even though over 80 percent of their parents believe that their children are of normal weight. And their right. Obese has become normal. There’s also something else wrong with this picture of obesity in the U.S. Blacks and latinos have higher obesity rates than whites in nearly every state. And thanks to the GMO and chemical corporations, we are right now raising the first generation who is going to live sicker and die younger than the generation before them.
Right now, over six thousand people die every day in the United States and seventeen of those are people who just need a vital organ transplant. But because we can’t find seventeen out of those six thousand people that will share something that they’re never going to use again, that they’d rather bury or burn, than give it to a fellow American in need, 114 people every week lose their lives ….. just because people won’t share…. well that’s one of the things that’s wrong with America. I imagine if we could sell our organs there’d be plenty to go around. But for now, Americans are traveling to Peru for fatal kidney transplants by doctors who don’t know what they are doing. But wait, just one of those people who die could donate like seven different organs, so really we only need maybe three or four people out of those six thousand to share what they don’t need anymore. We need a different mindset on this situation people and we need it now.
But there’s a problem with the system because of the corruption that has crept into the medical industry. You CAN sell those organs. When people are in need of a something and it’s hard to get, people can get it illegally and big profits can be made. And where big illegal profits can be made, anything goes. So people are afraid that if they are in an accident or end up in a hospital for any reason and are in possession of a donor card, the hospital staff may not try as hard to help that person survive if they have someone in the next room waiting for an organ that they are willing to pay big bucks for. This is something that needs to be fixed and no one is doing anything about it. I don’t see the present administration doing anything to address that problem… and I certainly haven’t been convinced that it’s going to happen with Obamacare. But then again I’m still in the middle of trying to get through the 1500 plus pages of Obama’s healthcare plan….. something I’m sure most of our representitives have not gotten around to doing either.  It’s very common for Congress to vote on things they haven’t read or aren’t aware of what an entire bill entails.


America’s drug problem is staggering. Illegal drug use has climbed to twenty two million Americans. Every day in America, too many babies are born already addicted to drugs. And pharmaceutical drugs, you know, the “legal kind,” are now responsible for the most accidental deaths in America.

The worst drug dealers are the corrupt drug corporations that have so completely saturated the American public with FDA government approved, “legal drugs” that recycling doesn’t even clean them out of the water supply. Get this. So many Americans are popping so many pills that their system can’t absorb all those pharmaceuticals, so they are uninating them back into the water supply. And there is so much medicine being peed into the water supply that the recycling process centers can’t illiminate all of drugs. So as it turns out, prescription drugs are flowing back down the pipes and out of the tap water faucets of America’s largest populated cities. So the water you’re drinking to help you swallow those pills, already has myriad drugs recycling back through your body one more time. Except when you drink the water, you’re taking everybody else’s drugs along with your own. And for the people who don’t take pills…. you’re getting you’re fair share of medication right out of the faucet, tapped off with a little toxic, poison fluoride. And every single drug manufactured by the corrupt drug corporations comes with bad side effects. But it’s nothing that another pill can’t take care of, and so on and so on. Just take one of these pills once a day for the rest of your life… or at least until it kills enough people to attract enough attention and be recalled.  And the drug companies have made so much money selling their bogus drugs that kill and mame us that we can fine them and sue them until the cows come home and they still end up with billions of dollars in profits for every drug they have to recall, not to mention the ones they don’t.

And guess what…. that situation is not getting any better, no one is doing anything to fix it, so it’s not going to get any better, in fact, it’s going to get worse as time goes on and the corrupt drug pushers get even richer squeezing the American population for every penny they can get. It’s just business folks, but it’s not honest business. So people are dying by the hundreds of thousands while the unscrupulous drug corporations make hundreds of billions, filtered back through our government representatives…. of course.


America has oil… on land, right here in America. More oil than all of the other countries in the world. In the Green River Basin alone, there is 3 times more oil than in the entire country of Saudi Arabia. But they’re saying the Green River oil is shale and Saudi oil is light crude. Big difference in the cost to drill. Also, we’re saving it for a rainy day like when oil hits $200 a barrel and gas is $8 a gallon. But there is one company that is getting light crude oil out of there right now though. That’s the Flying J Oil Company, who got bought out by Pilot… and that’s owned by the governor of Tennessee and his family… who were fined for price gouging during Hurricane Ike…. but it was all just an “honest mistake”, according to Governor Haslem. It’s okay Bill, I believe ya. There’s also a lot of oil in other places in the U.S., but they purposely haven’t figured out exactly how much there is because since they’re not “proven oil reserves,” the government can deny that we have any oil at all … we don’t know how much is there so we don’t have to recognize it…. and they continue to allow the corrupt oil companies to rob the American public while refusing to drill for domestic oil on land, to any extent, right here in America. It’s criminal. And yes the United States doesn’t even use all the oil that gets refined here in the country so we ship it back out to other countries. Because if they let our supply go up, the prices at the pump would go down. Maybe we need to stop that oil from going back out of the country.

America has more natural gas than any other country in the world, yet 16% of all natural gas consumed in the US comes from other countries. Any wonder why heating is so expensive in some parts of the country? Will someone please explain to me why we are buying natural gas from another country when we have more of it than anybody?

At the time of Obama’s Inauguration, the price at the pump for gas was $1.83. In a lot of places, it has more than DOUBLED since then.  It hasn’t gone down, it has gone up.  That’s not better.  And now some experts are saying it could even go to $5 or $6 a gallon and even higher when the war that they are planning with Iran gets underway.

Since Obama told us in his State of the Union speech that things are getting better, gas prices have gone down.  They went up for a little bit but then they started manipulating the prices down to leave room for them to climb when the sanctions started on July 1st.  And as we can see, in the last few days, they stopped going down and in some states have already started going back up.  An obvious sign that oil prices are controlled and manipulated for only one reason.  To make the rich richer.

No kidding!! While they pick America’s pockets, the high prices we are paying at the pumps are just going to record profits for all of the oil corporations.

The oil companies are robbing the American people while they are being subsidized by the government with American tax dollars. Otherwise their prices would be so high that most average Americans wouldn’t be able to afford to buy gas or drive their cars at all. Yet the oil corporations make billions in profits every year, especially when prices go up. Basically we’re paying them not to charge us insanely outrageous prices, so they only charge us outrageously insane prices, and then they push the envelope and gouge us even more at every chance they get. This is all being done on purpose and it’s all part of a well planned design to suck America dry that is currently well under way. And right after Obama’s State of the Union speech, OPEC announced that oil prices are going to be moving up.  It made everyone rush for oil especially the speculators and it jumped from 101.00 to 114.00 over night then it went right back down again the next day and ever since then it has been dropping in preparation for what OPEC really has in store for America and the rest of the world.


It’s known around the world that Americans are the most entertained and least informed society on earth. Some might deny that… but then, they don’t have a clue do they…. because….okay, the Aborigines and other tribes down around the Amazon may not know what’s going on around them, but you know what I mean. Compared to many countries around the world, it’s hard to believe but it’s true, the majority of Americans don’t know what’s really going on in our government or the rest of the world. The leaders of this country have arranged it so the American public are the one’s living in a bubble.  We have been declared number 47 as far as freedom of the press and frankly I’m surprised the rating was that good.

There is going to be an economic collapse in Europe, that Ben Bernanke at the Federal Reserve has now said he will protect us from. Other highly capable economists predict the opposite of what Barry and Ben are telling us. They say there is no way it can’t affect us on a large scale. George W. Bush said the economy was strong while those same economists were telling us the truth about the country already being in a recession. How many times can we be lied to by our government representatives and continue to believe those lies? Those same very well respected economists are now saying things are going to get worse before they get better. They are saying prices are going to go up this year, not down.

And the banks are still not lending. Especially with what’s going on over at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as I mentioned earlier. It’s a typical government Catch 22 SNAFU. And again, it’s all by design. For years, the corrupt executives running those banks manipulated the numbers into the billions and with all the crimes that were committed, nobody got fired and nobody went to jail. They all made millions and even got bonuses which proves that the entire banking system, governmental and private, and everybody in it or connected to it is corrupt. And the regulator of those crooked banks is assigned by the president and approved by congress. And there’s more to that story, but that’s the bottom line. And the ball is in the president’s court but as he implements his new modified loan program, the same guy who has been stopping the loans from going through is still in charge of the Fannie and Freddie banks. So, again, nothing gets fixed and the American people are going to get screwed… again.

This past year we have seen the government constructing FEMA holding camps and the military running civil unrest exercises with local police. And when we consider what the Department of Homeland Security has in mind for the American public, like expanding to all transportation hubs, malls, sporting events and even high school proms while putting 30,000 drones in the skies over our homes, it’s not hard to understand why more than 10 million guns were sold in the United States during 2011. I can only hope that record will be broken in 2012, because honest and law abiding Americans may need to defend themselves on several fronts in the very near future.

Some economists think that with the bottom dropping out of the Euro, everyone will flock to the dollar thereby propping it back up for the short term. They say our economy could actually have a little comeback in 2012. And we need that. But an uptick in the economy and propping up the dollar won’t stop the drought from getting worse, or the civil unrest that some people in the government are planning on creating. It isn’t going to stop the oil prices from climbing back up when the war really gets underway in the middle east either. Prolonging the economic collapse isn’t going to create twelve million needed jobs over night and that’s not counting the twelve million illegal immigrants waiting to take any one of those jobs as soon as it gets created. Not to mention the millions more Mexicans that Department of Homeland Security is expecting will cross the border along with who knows how many Hezbollah terrorists when things really start to get crazy. Oh yeah, Hesbollah has moved into Mexico. They’re camping out with the Mexican cartels, the CIA and the DEA…. and it’s really… getting to be a mess… just below our “wide open, purposely unprotected” border. Which is another major aspect in our problems and something I will cover in my State of the Government address.

So the President says the economy is getting better… and anyone who says different, doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Believe me, I’d love to agree with him. But when I listen to people who do know what they are talking about, using facts and numbers that have been put out by the government itself, I have to believe that the guy sitting in the oval office is either not telling the truth… or he is living in a bubble of his own and hasn’t a clue about what’s really going on in America.

Think about it. Perhaps Obama’s handlers, you know, the people who are really running the country, give him only the information they want him to have. That information is pertinent to the way the president thinks and reacts to situations around him. Then someone else writes his speeches, with his input of course. But it’s a fact that the oval office is in a bubble itself. And it’s entirely possible that the president is completely protected from anything and everything his controllers don’t want him to know or see. Why do you think they placed a Wall Street banker from a corrupt, Chicago, political crime family in charge of his staff. So it’s also a possibility that Barry doesn’t have a clue about what’s really going on in the country. Just like it was with George Bush…. do you think that’s possible? I don’t either.

But,… if the president does know what’s really going on in the country then that would mean he’s…. he’s lying about things getting better, just like so many presidents before him have done. No surprise there. And as long as the president, the politicians, the bankers, the government, the criminals can stall the inevitable economic collapse from happening, or at least keep the majority of the American people from panicking, they can all scramble to steal as much of everything that they can get their crooked little hands on before it all comes down. And as far as anyone that is awake can see, that’s exactly what’s happening. And all the while they’re doing their best to make the people in America and around the world think that everything is not only fine but actually getting better. Well the people in Greece and soon all of Europe could tell you about that couldn’t they.

The corrupt bankers, oil companies, drug corporations, insurance companies, coal companies, organized crime unions, several billionaires along with the powerful Mexican drug cartels are all fighting for control of our government in order to squeeze every penny out of the American population… All while an even larger more powerful enemy than all of the above combined spreads it’s tentacles throughout every facet of our society from the highest government offices to our smallest churches and schools with a far more sinister plan for the American people. But I’m getting ahead of myself and I will also cover that in my State of the Government speech.

As an American citizen and as Uncle America, it is my duty to preserve the sanctity of the United States Constitution and the Bill Of Rights, both of which are being disregarded and circumvented by both our republican and democratic “so called” representatives in order to destroy our country and the American way of life. Both parties are controlled by the same criminal oligarchs, and are being manipulated in a direction that will ultimately lead to the collapse of the free America that true Americans know and love if we allow them to stay on their destructive course.

It’s time the American people start fighting for their government or they will lose control of it completely… if we haven’t already. Some say that it’s already to late. Others are leaving the country for safer places, while the preppers are heading for the hills and digging in while the FBI and Homeland Security is collecting their names. The FEMA camps are now being staffed and telling all services to be on standby and ready to go to work within 72 hours notice. Around the country the military is coordinating exercises with local police in major cities and more guns and ammo are in the hands of citizens both honest and criminal than at any time in American history.

I could go on for hours pointing out things that are getting worse in the country… not better… and there are certainly some important areas that I haven’t covered here in this speech like how many schools don’t have an on duty nurse, how half of the hospitals in the U.S. are buying back door drugs or how millions of criminals are running our streets because the prisons are over crowded and why the entire judicial system is broken. But I can’t go there right now because like I said, it would take hours. I just know that none of those situations I just mentioned are getting better.

But even if President Obama can convince most of the American sheeple that things are turning around and looking up,.. eventually the entire bubble is going to burst anyway. But I also know that no one wants to hear that, because it’s depressing. Nor does anyone want to see it come to pass, because it’s going to be bad… so very bad. Worse than what we’ve already been through and as the government minions always say, “Worse than expected.” But including the best economists in our country, everyone who knows what they are talking about, also knows that another correction aka crash has to happen for things to truly get better in the long term. And anyone who says different about that is either lying to you, or doesn’t know what they are talking about.

Get yourself something to drink, because we’re going to toast to the greatest country in the world…  and it’s not China! And then we’re going to get into the heavy stuff, the real State of the Government. And then after that, what needs to be done to fix all of it… and how we’re going to do it if the corrupt people running the government won’t.

POST AT END OF VIDEO:                                                                                                        Part Two: The State of the Government and the fact that we are under attack by foreign AND domestic enemies.                                                                                                 Part Three: How we’re going to fix the State of the Union and what we can to do about the State of the Government.

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While America continues to be reigned into the fold of the New World Order under the guise of the “Boiling Frog” conditioning method, the U.S. Government by way of the controled media allows it’s citizens to be dupped into thinking that everything is going to be fine. Everything is alright and completely under control. Under control of the New World Order that is. The United States Government is continuously morphing into something quite different and completely unrecognizable by anyone who stands by the statutes of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. We now have a government “Of the banks, by the banks and for the banks.”

Is it possible that criminal foreign bankers have taken control of the Pentagon, our military, all of our politicians in the White House including the President and all of the Senators and Representatives in Congress? The banks now make the laws. The Federal Reserve now decides when it’s going to print more billions to hand out to the banks for bonuses and rewards for collapsing the financial infrastructure of the United States. They are quickly imploding the American cornerstones of the foundation that our country and our republic has been standing on for over two hundred years.

They are using a centuries old trick that many people are aware of and historians know well. The people who trust “the government” are being made very afraid of being attacked….. again. And in order to protect against anything happening again, the government intimidates our citizens into personal searches between their legs and with knowingly harmful radiation scans, all while continuing to leave our borders completely unprotected from exactly what they are searching us for. It’s insanity. The government is OUT OF CONTROL!!!! And it’s time to do something about it.

Listen to the wise men of the past folks. One of the founders of our country and the third President of the United States made countless wise statements in his lifetime. But the one that rings most true at this time in our history and most true for us to realize what the criminals in the Federal Reserve Bank have done, is the following:

I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of currency…. the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of their property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. – Thomas Jefferson

Another wise founder and statesman was of course Benjamin Franklin. He likewise was known for some of the most pertinant observations in our history. He said something a couple of hundred years ago that has just as much meaning to us now as it did to the Americans who fought and died to make this country what it turned out to be.

He said, “People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both.”

And last, the man who was assassinated not for what he had done but for what he was about to do said, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.” – John F. Kennedy

Kennedy was not only trying to end the war in Viet Nam, he had signed Executive Order 11110. His efforts to have all U.S. troops out of Vietnam by 1965 combined with Executive Order 11110 would have destroyed the profits and control of the private Federal Reserve Bank.

The new president, Lyndon B. Johnson just didn’t follow through with the order and it was basically buried when JFK was and Ronald Reagan finished it off when he quietly repealed it. JFK’s murder had served several purposes.

The new puppet president Johnson instead escalated the Viet Nam war to the benefit of the banks, and secretly bombed the hell out of Cambodia without the knowledge of the American people.

The private companies that profited from the continuation of the war were and still are owned and operated by government officials, Pentagon generals, friends and family members of Senators and Representatives of Congress and corporations who continue to bribe, extort and blackmail our elected politicians into making decisions that are only beneficial to corporate industry and the banking cartel criminals. They do this while plundering and pilaging the treasury of the United States and the bank and retirement accounts of the American people. And it’s done all under the design and control of the private “Federal Reserve Bank” which is not part of the Federal government but a private corporation, has no Reserves since it makes up money out of thin air and is technically not a bank. 

The American people are finally awakening to the truth of what “our” government is and has been doing to us. Our government that is now “Of the banks, by the banks and for the banks.” Yet many citizens are still contently asleep assured that the government is working in their best interest, and would never lie to them or do anything as dastardly as cover up the truth about September 11, 2001. And they are right. “Our government” wouldn’t do something like that. Our government that was “Of the people, by the people and for the people” would never creat a “false flag” terror attack in order to trick the United Nations into giving us permission to attack another country that hadn’t attacked us first or go to war with multiple countries under false pretenses. But then again…… it’s not “our government” anymore and it hasn’t been for quite some time. Thus, the “Boiling Frog” conditioning method.

If you drop a frog into a pan of hot water, it will immediately jump right out. But…. if you put the frog in a pan of cold water and turn on the heat, the frog will stay in the pan until it boils to death.

I got an email from someone who said she still wasn’t quite sold on the idea that there was any such thing as the New World Order. And to her I say, “You poor sweet thing. I’m sorry we woke you up. Go back to sleep and dream of being listed as one of the “useless eaters.” Or….. watch this and some others on youtube.  That will at least get you started and you’ll have both sides of the story. But honestly, the NWO is already in place and operating at full capacity while growing exponentially and moving toward reaching their goals by the day, and you haven’t a clue, so watching a few videos may not awaken you. Perhaps when the dollar crashes, gas goes through the roof or the grocery store runs out of food, you’ll begin to understand what the NWO agenda really is and that it couldn’t have happened without the Federal Reserve.  And…..  are you teaching your kids Spanish like Obama suggested?

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As many of you know, we have been waiting for the 2010 election campaigns to conclude with the rise and/or defeat of whoever ends up in office (and does it really matter anyway?), to launch several Uncle America projects.  All month we have been going over contracts from several radio stations around the country trying to decide where the best home would be for the UNCLE AMERICA TALK SHOW to continue and expand from.  The flag campaign is just about to get under way with mini tour jaunts out amongst the citizenry and best of all the UNCLE AMERICA 911 COMMISSION INQUISITION is all but finished with rehearsals and rewrites and an announcement on that will be forthcoming on November 11, 2010.

Much to everyone’s dismay, on November 1, we had to notify our board, shareholders, members, sponsors, subscribers, contractors and lawyers, that someone is trying to hijack the Uncle America® name for their own dastardly means and purposes.  Mainly trying to convince hard-working Americans to send their money to them in order that they will be able to produce a documentary called …. of all things…. UNCLE AMERICA – A Documentary.  But it’s not about ME!!!!  How can that be?

Obviously these people are not from Hollywood.  They are not film makers.  They have no idea how to do research for names to be used in a movie, let alone titles, and they have absolutely no idea how to go about their due diligence when putting out a project, like whatever it is that they are doing, which now gives these TRADEMARK INFRINGEMENT thieves the opportunity of being included in the upcoming book titled, SCOUNDRELS IN THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY.  Will it surprise anyone that they are also claiming to be Christians?  Shall we throw them to the lions or let them have a little more rope.  Won’t all their religious friends (especially in India) be dismayed to know that they are breaking the law to get their movie made.

They have several other options to consider, i.e. Mr. America, oops, that might not work… but I’m guessing it wouldn’t stop them,  Senior America, Cousin America, Brother America, Grandpa America, Esse America, Amigo America, Nephew America, Neighbor America and probably several others that I’m sure some of you could come up with.  It’s just that …. the name, words and entity UNCLE AMERICA are not legally available to be used by anybody but me.  I’ll drink to that!!!

Stay tuned for updates on the impending litigation and the eventual downfall of the infringing project as well as the discontinuance of any imposters trying to call themselves aka Uncle America.

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